bamboo board

Aiden said “Da Da” this morning, clear as day to me! WOW!

I managed to get myself to the SGC Tuesday night for a game, and although I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of the game since Jon was playing with my phone, it was just as well since it was a disaster best left unfinished as it was, and perhaps the lessons learned become immortalized instead of the clumsy game it was being recorded. The pleasant conversation with surrounders (a 3kyu young boy fresh from Go camp) and the council of one of the “regulars” there at the Center was more than good enough for an abbreviated evening. I sent the above picture to Jon after we spoke because he asked me about the set I was using in the shot when he was demo’ing the phone…

I took 4 stones against a 3 kyu, mostly as a teaching lesson on corners and attacking fuseki. I got a group with an eye to live, but missed out on a key point of attack that the young one at my elbow was quite eager to point out. My opponent left the room for tea and the boy seemed to want to beam laser beam messages into my head. I was not interested in help, but was interested in post-move commentary and variations discussions. He left to go also to the kitchen, presumably to comment on the move he would so desperately have loved to play in my stead. It would have been an even game between my opponent and the observer, so my four stone advantage had him beside himself with possibilities while I was losing ground quickly. When I was called away by work and family, it had been a satisfactory time with some pointers for future study.

I noticed it looked like Larry has now also purchased an iPhone… Right on.  More work happening with iShudan, which he sounded interested in.  Jon revealed while we were kibitzing that he earned money as a programmer on royalties for a non-go related program.  Thats awesome! Adam and I are supposed to meet this evening to do more with the project.  I have made a wiki page or two, and have a todo list to write up. There’s a downloadable archive now up, and with the subversion access completed and working with a test IDE i’m using on this klunky laptop, I might be able to get something done tomorrow on it since my boss gets back tomorrow and can take back the monkey circus =-)

Good night/Good morning (01:27 PST =  09:27 am GMT)