This last week has been an insane paced, late night blur due to work pressures, and my weekly or better games and iShudan boards have been going neglected. As previously mentioned and depicted on this blog, I recently acquired an iPhone for my wife, thus relieving her of the need to carry around both her tiny old brick phone and the video iPod she inherited from me. I mention this because of the method that I used to acquire this iPhone for my wife, a method of bootstrapping wherein I used the power of my mind and subsidized my time at a reasonable rate to a “10%” project, if you were to believe what I take as its intended meaning at Google.

iphone unlock I unlocked 10 iPhones for $50 apiece in a single weeks time,

in order to earn the money to purchase her phone. I used freely available software downloadable from the internet and directions posted in a variety of forums, bulletin boards, and at popular weblogs. Most imortantly, I used the contributed and open code published by groups dedicated to unlocking the potential of the iPhone. I even earned enough extra to be able to send a donation to one of the groups who created this code, the iBrickr team.

I am not usually blessed with the funds to be able to purchase most of the handheld devices made these days, but I have thus far not been tempted by the available offerings either. Until the iPhone was announced, I didn’t consider myself in the “smartphone” market. I was sort of interested in one of Nintendo’s handheld units for a while on behalf of a few popular brain games marketed for adults, and aware generally of the Sony PSP (another fiasco of manufacturer vs paying customers which resulted in a tit-for-tat game if you will that I would suggest nobody won.)

I submit the following blog posting from TUAW with the other Steve, known by many simply as Woz. From the original article, comes the following excerpt:

L: So you’re in favor of the unlocking and jailbreaking for third-party applications?SW: From a business point of view, Apple owns what they have done. They have a right to lock it. But I am really for the unlockers, the rebels trying to make it free. I’d really like it to be open to new applications. I’d like to install some nice games. Why in the world can I not install a ringtone that I’ve made? How would that hurt AT&T’s network? Here is Steve Jobs sending letters to the record companies saying [they] should provide music that’s unprotected, but here he is taking the opposite approach with the iPhone. I don’t know to what extent AT&T is involved in the thinking and direction.

I also had a gander at this article with the provocative title, “So the iPhone Is Unlocked Again – Who Cares?” I believe it is somewhat obvious how I feel about the thing, but now you can ask my wife now that she owns the one phone that allows her to synch up with iTunes. She has gone from two devices to one, and everything else is icing on top. Thus she joins me in unlocking her device to retain the freedoms usually accorded to one who has paid a lot of money to own something, the right to modify it after the sale.

We have updates now on the wiki at the iShudan page, have a look at the issues reported and the organization pages. There are contributions to the running server code and a wonderful new mode running now and ready for packing that allows players using an iPhone to get an optimized view of the two smaller board sizes 9×9 and 13×13. I am committed to fixing the proper view for the full 19 square board soon and adding that to the main tree.

I still need a mailing list server or something like that.I have 6 iPhone developer movies from the ADC synched to my phone for watching later, over an hour of introductory material. At this point, I am commited to learning Cocoa and more PHP so I have some resources available for both of those.

I was mentioned in a recent AGA newsletter in response to a question about Go on a blackberry. Does anyone have one they want to work with and try modifying the existing code to work for it? It looks terrible and unusable from what I’ve seen on Adam’s old blackberry pearl, but I have no idea how to work with a device I don’t own. I can however provide some good starting points and experience thus far with the iPhone work.

namaste. I have big important work project tonight, wish me luck and maybe i will have more time to play a game this weekend after its over…