I’m certainly no better than most people when it comes to introductions, but the only way I know to get past the beginning of anything is to start as if I don’t care about the end result.

“Start at the beginning,
and when you get to the end, STOP.”

As I start this new blag, I want to keep a purpose in mind: to create something of a reflection of myself, some sort of afterimage of who I feel that I am. My life has changed so much in just the last few years, it might be easy to forget who I am if I don’t try to record the thoughts and feelings that flash by.

Writing is, in it’s own way, more powerful and addictive than any drug I know of. The feelings of that surround putting words to paper can come from different directions, be influenced by different emotions: the relief of confession, the power of creativity, the nostalgia of remembrance, or just the ability to distill something of yourself into an object like a journal. I think I have always felt that there was something magical about writing, about giving an idea the shape of letters and the sounds of speech.

It’s scary to commit yourself to words though. Every notebook I have kept before begins with a blank sheet of paper, one sheet that I try to never use or take out. The first page has its own power, its own significance as part of the journal; it is the first thing you will see every time you use that notebook. The blank page is a challenge, an adversary. There are days that I am intimidated by all of the space, times when the potential of what could be written chokes any creative flow. But then again, the blank page reminds me that without that challenge, without that possibility of failure, there is no success. A writer who never takes a risk isn’t writing, isn’t creating anything at all.

I am here to declare myself. The topic here is intended to be my progress in learning and studying the ancient game of Go. Anyone who wishes is welcome to study along with me, although I fear that I begin this journey so weak that I am unlikely to be a source of information for anyone already familiar with the game. There are many Go sites on the internet, and several very good blogs out there already that are well known and tended by players who are much much better than me. I am documenting my journey, and I am humble enough to realize from the outset that I am not shodan material.

There are many voices out there. This one is mine.

Vital Stats: 29 Year old Male living in the Pacific Northwest, just north of Seattle. I am a new dad, and at work they let me pretend to be a network engineer. I started trying to study and play Go with effort around January of 2007. I am a decided novice, aspiring to someday be a well-rounded amateur. If I’m not playing Go, working, or hanging out with my family, I’m probably asleep. Unless its a rare day…

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