┬áToday, I thought I would post up the wallpaper that I’ve been using for some time on my PC work laptop. I didn’t make this, but found it online somewhere other than at the creators site. I might not have found it again, except that it is conveniently watermarked with their web page address and the site is still active.

GoInTheMorningI often find that I am working in the morning, and this is entitled “Go In The Morning” by the artist, Nicholas Rougier. I think the tatami mats and the sunlight bring a particular restfulness to the scene, and I often imagine myself sitting there at the board instead of working late into the wee hours of the morning on a laptop. If I were to be able to construct a dream world where I could spend time and abide for a while, I would love for this to be a room in my house, sunlight streaming in a window and falling down onto a problem I am working through in the quiet morning hours. A mug of tea is warming my left hand and a go stone is held between the tips of my fingers on my right hand. The house is quiet and still on an early weekend morning, and I am the only one awake yet.

Sigh. I’m going on vacation today, so mostly just continuing my games on iShudan at the Dojo for a few days. Reading, family time, and unplugging from work for the holiday week. Have a good holiday if you are celebrating one, and have a pleasant week anyway if you aren’t.

I played a game this week that could have used this reference from Sensei’s List: The Bulky Five. There is also this link to an interesting video that was mentioned on a computer Go mailing list I’m on, where the presenter is talking to a non-go playing computer science audience about Go, and one method of searching move trees for a Go-playing program.

Exploration exploitation in Go: UCT for Monte-Carlo Go, Silvain Gelly


Double Digit Kyu Workshop by Guo Juan

There’s such a wealth of material out there for self training right now! Guo Juan was the visiting professional that came through Seattle this summer that I posted about before. This is part one of a series posted showing her DDK workshop that she gave at the European Go Congress this year. If you only have 10 minutes and want to hear what a Go lecture can be like, this is a great place to start.


Originally uploaded by davidplaysgo:

I’m testing out some updates and methods of posting pictures directly to the blog from my iPhone using Flickr. And btw, if you haven’t seen the new Touch iPods revealed yesterday, there are now even more devices out there for aspiring Go players to use to play Go almost anywhere…. Check em out at the Apple site, and if you are interested, join my project to get a Go game recorder on the iPhone via the internet almost anywhere.


My very good friend and ex-housemate Matt is in town visiting briefly before continuing a tour down the coast of Oregon with his fiance’, Jeanna, who I am meeting for the first time. Haven’t had much time to play, but have been reviewing some of my latest games in my few spare moments, laying out stones on the board according to snapshots and re-reading, re-counting with my own stones, asking questions and then looking to the final result to see how my imagination compares with the final result. I am not able, at this point, to see any highly significant moments of conflict or problems suitable for deeper review. I am paying attention to the balance of the stones at the fuseki, in particular. I find contemplation of the beginning of the game most rewarding, and of a particular beauty.

I have tickets to box seats from my company to go to the White Sox vs Mariners game today, so good Sunday and good bye.